Hey Dems: Big Pharma Just Created A Viable Coronavirus Vaccine… In 3 Hours Flat

Written by Wes Walker on February 16, 2020

Is America’s ‘Big Pharma’ Biotech sector an enemy to be destroyed, or are they cutting edge science that thrives in America for all the right reasons?

After Trump, Billionaires and the Energy Sector, maybe the biggest bugaboo of the Democrat party is ‘Big Pharma’.

They are the personification of evil, right? Not so fast — how do we reconcile the ‘personification of evil’ with the amazing accomplishment they just pulled off with the virus wreaking havoc through China?

According to Bernie Bro logic, shouldn’t we expect China’s Big-Government centralized planning method to have led the way in finding solutions, while the American ‘evil’ profit-motivated crew held it for ransom or something?

An American biotech company says it created a coronavirus vaccine three hours after getting access to the virus’ genetic sequence in mid-January, and now scientists are racing to get the vaccine on the market in record time.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals is based in Pennsylvania, but scientists in its laboratory in San Diego made the discovery.

“We were able to rapidly construct our vaccine in a matter of about three hours once we had the DNA sequence from the virus available because of the power of our DNA medicine platform,” Dr. J. Joseph Kim, Inovio’s president and CEO, told FOX Business. “Our goal is to start phase one human testing in the U.S. early this summer.”
Source: FoxBusiness

That’s right. An American biotech company won the right to design a vaccine in response to a viral threat serious enough that it’s shutting down the world’s most populous nation.

And it only took them three hours to come back with a solution. If it weren’t for the obvious necessary tests to make sure that vaccine is safe for human use, it would already be in production.

Inovio’s stock jumped to $5.32 a share a few days after the company announced it was selected to work on a coronavirus vaccine.

The American company is partnering with Beijing Advaccine, a Chinese company, to work on the vaccine. Inovio also received $9 million to work on the vaccine from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, which is backed by billionaire Bill Gates.
Source: FoxBusiness

This is the same company that was able to put together a vaccine for Zika that was customer-ready only 7 months after they were given the genetic profile of the virus… and they’re already on track to beat their record.