Hey Socialists: We Dare You To Watch This “Tear Down This Wall” Speech Writer’s Interview (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on February 8, 2020

So, you think your precious socialism is an awesome thing, do you? Take a look at it through the eyes of history and Peter Robinson who literally helped write it.

The speech writer who wrote the famous ‘Tear Down This Wall’ speech that President Reagan delivered in front of the Brandenberg Gate has a lot to say about what socialism and the Soviet state were really like.

This is true both locally, on either side of that wall that split Berlin in two, and globally in the deep differences between the Soviet and American worldviews.

Here is the interview that sets up Bill Whittle’s miniseries that walks us through the history of the Cold War and what that means for life today leading up to an election that will basically be a national choice between the Socialist and the traditional American freedom-loving models.

Before they rush headlong into importing all the hallmarks of being a Soviet State, maybe the Bernie Bros should take a good look at why that Soviet State failed in the first place.

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