IMMIGRATION: Ted Cruz Shows How, If Dems Win 2020, They’ll Rig The Game Forever

Written by Wes Walker on February 13, 2020

Every election is ‘the biggest election ever’, but this one really could decide whether our American Experiment continues, or gets chucked in favor of a radical new agenda.

The frontrunners on the Left don’t bother hiding their contempt for our institutions or even the rule of law. Bernie and AOC are marshaling the language of ‘crisis’ to push forward an agenda that even their own party members aren’t on board with.

If they were to win big in 2020, what are some of the consequences?

That was the topic explored with Ted Curz and Michael Knowles in the shortened 5-minute clip from this week’s episode of ‘Verdict with Ted Cruz’.

Sure, the impeachment vote may be over, but the fight’s a long way from finished.

Immigration was by no means even the most frightening of the horrors that he predicted if the Dems won it all in 2020… including who he suggested they might put in charge of the EPA, or nominate to SCOTUS. Catch the full 24-minute episode here:

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