It is All Fake News

Written by Lloyd Marcus on February 8, 2020

Even before Trump won the presidency in 2016, Democrats launched their plan to impeach him. They threw every dirty trick at Trump in their “Take Out the Republican” playbook. They all failed. Frustrated, Democrats said, “Screw it, we’ll just make up crimes supposedly committed by Trump.”

In their bogus, “Impeachment Hearings”, Democrats demanded and received a ton of documents. They called 17 witnesses while outrageously refusing to allow Republicans to call any witnesses. The fix was in and two absurd articles of impeachment against Trump were approved in the Democrat-controlled House. This ended Democrats’ presentation of their case to remove the president. The next step is for their articles to go to the Senate for a vote.

Realizing that their case was extremely weak, Democrats demanded that the Senate rules be changed. They demanded that Senate Republicans allow them to call more witnesses and demand more documents in the Senate’s portion of the case. That is not how this works. Democrats had their incredibly unfair opportunity to present their case in the House portion.

Thank God enough Republicans had the courage to vote no to Democrats using the Senate to further their evil disgusting scheme to reverse the 2016 presidential election.

Because Trump has done nothing wrong, the Senate will vote for acquittal; another Democrat and fake news media scam to remove Trump from office has failed.

Democrats and fake news media are flooding the airwaves with their lie that Trump’s acquittal will be illegitimate because Senate Republicans unfairly refused to call witnesses and present documents. They say, “How can you have a trial without witnesses?” They want average-Joe-American to wrongly conclude that no witnesses were called during the impeachment trial.

For laughs, I turned on CNN. They pretended that the mountain of documents presented and the 17 witnesses Democrats called in the House hearings did not happen. I thought, “Oh my gosh, it is all fake news.” This is really scary folks. These wicked people are fully committed to deceiving and discouraging us 24/7 with lies.

At the beginning of the Tea Party movement, I toured the country on numerous Tea Party Express national bus tours. I opened hundreds of rallies performing my original song, “The American Tea Party Anthem.”  CNN, NPR and other fake news outlets invited me to be a guest on broadcasts.

I was excited, naively thinking that as a black member of the movement, I could clear-up the nonsensical claim by the media that the Tea Party was racist. Forty percent of the Tea Party voted for Obama. They simply opposed his immediate left turn, driving us down the road to socialism.

Silly me. Fake news media hosts shouted me down and argued with me. They implied that I was an Uncle Tom buffoon. Someone informed me that a late-night TV host, I can’t remember which one, had a ball painting me to be an idiot.

For a documentary on the Tea Party movement, a CNN film crew was embedded with our team on one of the Tea Party Express bus tours for around 35 rallies. As I stated, I opened every rally, firing up the crowds with my “American Tea Party Anthem.” Our team included black authors and black conservative speakers. And yet, CNN’s documentary excluded our black faces. They intentionally sold the public a lie that the Tea Party was a bunch of red-neck whites who hate a black man in the White House. It was all fake news.

I began to realize that fake news media had zero interest whatsoever in the truth. They only care about fulfilling their evil mission to spread racial hate via bogus narratives.

The Quran says non-Muslims are infidels. Muslims believe they have divine authority to kill infidels who refuse to convert. CNN host Don Lemon justified progressives attacking people for wearing “MAGA” hats. In other words, Progressive-ism is a religion. Trump supporters/patriotic Americans are progressivism’s version of infidels. All who refuse to convert to progressive-ism are worthy of severe punishment. We see their mindset played out across America; seniors, women and youths being assaulted; beaten for wearing “MAGA” hats. Remember the Facebook-live post of 4 black progressives who kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled white man? The 4 zealots tied-up the man, punishing him while yelling, “F*** Trump” and F*** white people!”

It is truly remarkable that Trump has survived every Democrat/fake news media evil tactic to destroy him and his presidency. I call it, “The Trump Phenomenon.” No other Republican would have survived. Clearly, God’s hand of protection is on this man whom He has prepared for such a time as this.

Trump repeatedly emerging victorious has frustrated Democrats and fake news media to the point of total insanity. In their sick hate-filled minds, nothing in the world matters other than destroying Trump and punishing his supporters.

Thankfully, more and more Americans are beginning to realize the evil-within seeking to destroy our exceptional great nation. At Trump’s rally in New Jersey, over 25% were Democrats and over 10% did not vote in 2016. His approval among African-Americans has skyrocketed to 34%.

Our only hope is to continue fighting back in one united voice; boldly refusing to be silenced and intimidated. Democrats and their fake news media minions can not bully millions of patriotic Americans. We must spread the truth about Trump’s amazing achievements for America, while riding all over this country aboard the Trump Train. Download the Trump Train 2020 song and crank it up!

We must remain diligent spreading the truth because mainstream media is all fake news.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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The UK Guardian declared prolific writer, singer and songwriter Lloyd Marcus the Tea Party Movement's most prominent African American; seen on Fox News, CNN and more. Rejecting hyphenating, Marcus is renowned for proclaiming, “I am NOT an African-American! I am Lloyd Marcus AMERICAN!!!” Marcus is Chairman of Conservative Campaign Committee PAC. It's mission is to elect conservative candidates across America.