James Carville Is Worried That The Democratic Party Is Turning Into An ‘Ideological Cult’

Written by Wes Walker on February 6, 2020

“Let me tell you. I’m not very impressed.”

The guy who gave us Clinton’s famous ’92 slogan ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ is getting nervous about how election 2020 is shaping up.

His reactions

“We don’t need to become the British Labour Party. That’s a bad thing.”

He’s worried that trend lines are looking more like 2016 than 2018.

“Without power, there’s nothing. There’s only one moral imperative in this country right now, and that’s to beat Donald Trump.”

“We don’t win elections because we talk about stuff that is not relevant.”

This is what panic looks like.

The Democrats were so busy trying to tear Trump down that they never got around to cleaning up their own house and figuring out who they are.

Now they’re in a fully-fledged civil war with one faction led by someone who only registers as a Democrat long enough to run for party leadership… while the old fart establishment pick’s campaign is quietly self-immolating.

Mueller never panned out.

Crossfire Hurricane and the Steele Dossier never panned out.

Now, even Impeachment bit them in the ass, helping and hurting the ‘wrong’ parties.

Is it any wonder Nancy lost her $#^! at the SOTU speech?