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John Kerry Says That The ENTIRE Obama Admin Was Trying To Get Rid Of The Burisma Prosecutor

Kerry tried to come to the aid of the Bidens. But did he just deep-six himself and Obama in the process?

The questions about whether the Bidens and Burisma had a Pay-for-Play relationship are not going to die with Trump’s acquittal. In fact, Grassley has already requested Hunter Biden’s travel records from the Secret Service and requisitioned all documents relating to Obama’s administration, DNC officials, and Ukranian officials. We already know the records being sorted through and examined for questions of classification and privilege will number in the 1000s.

So, one way or another, we’re going to have a good idea of exactly what the Bidens were up to in Ukraine. If there are sketchy money trails — as alleged — they will be looked into.

Kerry may have just burned himself pretty badly. And not just himself, either. He may have burned Joe Biden, Barack Obama and their favorite Ukranian Ambassador, too.

One way or another we’ll find out just who is right about the guy Joe Biden leveraged a $Billion dollars US to deep-six.

If it turns out that the documents and connections uncovered by John Solomon and Rudy Guliani, among others, have merit (and some of them trace right back to Adam Schiff!) that could prove absolutely devastating for the ‘scandal-free’ administration that’s already under fire for having wrongfully employed Government resources to spy on a rival presidential campaign.

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