LMAO: Chief Justice Roberts Takes Schumer To The Woodshed Over The Constitution

Written by Wes Walker on February 1, 2020

This is embarrassing. After all their posturing about being the ‘great defenders’ of the Constitution, they certainly needed a remedial class on what it says.

Having come face-to-face with his own impotence in a Senate where his tricks aren’t working and he has no real leverage over either the votes of the senate, or any nervous Senator looking to break ranks.

They found themselves looking for any lifeline they can find.

Schumer went looking for a Hail Mary desperation play.

According to the rules, if you fail to produce a majority decision on a motion, that motion fails. That means, if you get to a 50/50 tie, and the VP isn’t present to cast a tie-breaking vote, the motion fails.

What was Schumer’s Hail Mary play in this situation?

He was calling for the Chief Justice to step in as the tie breaker.

Why is that such a sneaky trick? Simple. If he knows he doens’t have 51 votes for a ‘win’, he can lean on the shaky Republicans to force a tie and take his chances that the Chief Justice sides with his cause.

Roberts saw right through him… and gave him a Constitutional lesson on both the separation of powers and accountability to the people he may not soon forget.