LMAO: Schiff’s Impeachment Circus Perfectly Parodied By This Iconic Movie Scene (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on February 1, 2020

Remember this classic comedy? In the updated version, Schiff and Schumer perfectly portray the frustrated faces of impotent rage.

Schiff and Schumer hate the President and would like nothing better than to put him on ‘double-secret probation’.

If they could, they would expel Trump from the electoral college — oops — I mean, remove him from the ballot. Because they both know their party is powerless to stop the Juggernaught that has become POTUS 45.

They were just handed a huge defeat in the Senate. They didn’t get to drag this out and have it drone on and on and on well into the election.

And they’re REALLY upset about it.

Long before these dopes were ever in charge of the Dems’ Impeachment Offensive, Animal House was already hammering self-important arrogant asses like them.


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