New Hampshire Primary Results Were Absolutely BRUTAL For Sleepy Joe

Written by K. Walker on February 12, 2020

How did a two-term Vice President in one of the most popular administrations in recent memory come in FIFTH in the New Hampshire primary? Simple: he’s an awful candidate.

Joe Biden has always been an awful candidate.

He was awful in 1988, he was awful in 2008, and he’s awful now.

It’s not just that he’s a mildly creepy, glad-handing gaffe machine with bizarre stories and an exploding eye, he is truly a terrible, terrible candidate. Some might even be able to make the argument that Hillary Clinton would make a better candidate than Joe Biden.

He can’t even run on his record because it’s rather scant policy-wise — other than the successful 1994 Crime Bill that he’s now running away from. Cracking down on crime is frowned upon by Democrats and leftists in the post-Obama era.

Even relying on the Obama name hasn’t helped Joe. Of course, not getting an endorsement from his friend Barry has likely hurt him a bit.

It was impeachment that has hurt him so badly.

Biden could not get away from his name being reported day after day during the impeachment hearing. The Trump defense team was masterful in pointing out that there was something sketchy with Joe and Hunter Biden with regard to Burisma, and interfering in a Ukrainian investigation. It looks like Hunter was profiting from the name Biden and that Joe was pulling his strings as Veep to get his kid off the hook.

Americans are the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” kind of people and don’t like it when it looks like influence-peddling is lining pockets instead of achievement based on merit.

Iowa and New Hampshire caucus-goers voted accordingly.

Consider that Joe is now behind a “principled and consistent” octogenarian communist, the gay mayor of a mid-sized city who attempts to weaponize Christianity, a woman who has an anger management problem and reportedly throws office equipment at her staff, and a woman who can’t even tell stories about her own life without looking at the polls to figure out how to best shape the narrative.

It was a bad night for CNN’s cheerleading squad.

And to cap it off, Joe high-tails it out of New Hampshire and heads to the next campaign stop in South Carolina. When he addresses the crowd, he steps in it by saying that “Iowa and Nevada” were just two of fifty states who have had their voices heard — but that should have been New Hampshire, not Nevada. The Nevada Democratic caucus is on February 22.


Oh, Joe! That’s so awful!


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