Pete Davidson Regrets Apologizing To Rep. Dan Crenshaw And Making Him Famous ‘For No Reason’

Written by Wes Walker on February 27, 2020

Here’s another reminder of why turning politics into your religion tends to poison the soul.

SNL loves to get political… in particular, they like to attack Republicans for any reason or none at all. And during the election that eventually sent Dan Crenshaw (no to mention the Squad) to DC, SNL was making fun of Republican candidates… including this guy with an eye patch.

You know the story… Dan Crenshaw lost his eye during military service. SNL was dragged for mocking injured vets. And Dan Crenshaw showed a spirit of generosity and forgiveness by agreeing to come on the show and do a bit with Pete Davidson — the guy who mocked him.

Well, Crenshaw not only won his seat, but has stood out as a rising star among the Repubicans. Davidson is NOT happy about that. Not one bit.

He’s now taking pot-shots at Crenshaw over it.

Wow, Pete. How petty and small can you get?

Remember when you were suicidal, not long after this bit, and Dan Crenshaw reached out to you, to help you walk back from that proverbial ledge?

That is how you show grace and humanity to people you disagree with.

Whatever the hell YOU are doing is exactly the opposite of grace and humanity.

As for ‘making him famous’? We’re pretty confident that a guy with his chops and social media know-how would have done just fine without you.

You folks on the left can stop pretending to have the moral high ground until you start treating people you disagree with as people, rather than targets to be hated, dehumanized, and (in many cases) blasted into personal and financial ruin.

Maybe Pete can reflect on where life has taken him in the last two years and make a decision to stop being an odious toad.


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