Report: Murdered Federal Border Agent Kept A Private Journal Detailing Holder DOJ’s Fast & Furious Scheme

Written by Wes Walker on February 6, 2020

Don’t think we’ve all forgotten that OTHER American who died under Obama-Era malfeasance… before the Benghazi Four, there was Agent Brian Terry

Interesting that his name comes up again while Impeachment is wrapping up. He’s the guy that Eric Holder and Obama invoked what Adam Schiff might call ‘blanket’ Executive immunity to cover up malfeasance. It was in defiance of an inquiry into ‘Fast And Furious’ gun-walking that Eric Holder became the first AG declared to be in CRIMINAL Contempt of Congress.

And somehow, Adam Schiff saw no reason to lead a crusade to have Obama impeached in heroic non-partisan defense of the Constitution.

Long story short, Obama admin’s botched plan put guns into the hands of Mexican cartels which later were used in the murder of an American border agent.

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That agent’s mother was recently interviewed and had some… interesting things to say.

Including a private journal that Brian Terry kept detailing some details about Fast and Furious.

On the Thomas Paine Podcast, Josephine Terry detailed many shocking revelations surrounding her son’s murder. Terry, a U.S. Border patrol Agent was gunned down by Mexican cartel members with one gun of thousands supplied by the Justice Department to Mexican criminals as part of the DOJ’s deadly and illegal Fast & Furious scheme. Terry’s mother said her son detailed parts of the scheme in a private journal that the FBI did not find when it raided his house after his murder.

“There are so many troubling and disturbing things in this interview that the public has never heard before,” said True Pundit’s Thomas Paine. “You have to wonder why no one in the Justice Department is in federal prison. And it was shocking to learn that Brian Terry not only feared for his life, but tipped off his superiors that something very wrong was going on at the border before his murder. — TruePundit

The TruePundit interview is available here:

Will we ever get the answers his family — and the American Public — deserves?


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