The Primaries: Nevada’s Tie-Breaker Method is Peak Nevada — (Includes Results updates)

Written by Wes Walker on February 23, 2020

You gotta admit, this is a lot more interesting than a coin toss — better still, it saves you the trouble of explaining how to flip a coin to the young volunteers.

In Nevada, they settle ties with — you probably guessed it — playing cards.

A rep for each candidate is given one unopened deck of cards, which they open on the spot.

Each side draws a card at random, and the highest card wins.

Early on in the counting, there was already a tie that needed to be solved by breaking out the cards. And the cards that came up were the perfect metaphor for the cluster**** the DNC primaries have become.

Preachy Pete’s rep drew a 3 of Clubs. Since aces are high, that’s roughly a 92% chance of drawing a card that will win or at least tie, right? Naturally, Bernie’s rep drew a 2 of Spades.

Early results of the counting favor Bernie, but it’s still way too soon to call trends.

We will update this story as more results become available.

Note: Polls close at 10 PM Eastern.

*update* — 7:49 pm EST

They are already calling it for Bernie, but we note that this sample size is still extremely low.

*end update*

*update 11:17 pm EST*

The gap has narrowed somewhat. Bernie still far ahead, with Biden now solidly in second slot. Preachy Pete a distant third, and nobody else even matters.

Then again, with only 27% reporting so far, the whole picture could look different again by morning.

*end update*