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This Philosopher Says, A Man Must Deny His Masculinity To Be A Christian

No wonder he became one of the leading voices in an anti-Christian cultural movement.

Do you remember the ‘God is dead’ guy, Freidrich Nietzsche?

He had, among others, a very specific reason to reject Christianity. Because the flavor of religion being served up in his day required he reject the masculine heartbeat God dropped into our DNA and voluntarily become a nation of eunuchs.

Take the two minutes and hear his blistering rebuke of his generation’s Christian culture in his own words:

He wasn’t signing up for that. Instead, he lead the charge in a God is Dead movement.

How many churches today are making exactly the same mistake the churches in his day made? How many are driving away men that might otherwise hear the gospel because they look around and decide that joining this little club will demand not only that he die to sin… but they set the price higher than God himself ever set it? Demanding that he die to his God-given masculine nature as well.

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Doug Giles

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