Ukranian President Blasts Democrats’ ‘Soap Opera’, Compares It To ‘Dallas’

Written by Wes Walker on February 17, 2020

If Trump briefly holding back Ukraine’s aid ‘hurt our valued ally’ internationally … what did Schiff throwing their President in the middle of his low-rent Circus Act do to them?

Christine Arampour — no friend of President Trump — sat down with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for an interview.

While he was not entirely happy with the way his beloved nation was held up as ‘one of the most corrupt in the world’, he made the obvious point that this was the problem he was elected to solve.

But he had some things to say about the impeachment circus that has made the Ukranian president and their politics dominate our news cycle for the better part of a year as well.

David Marcus points out that her interview blows a huge hole in the Democrats’ impeachment arugument:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky referred to the impeachment of President Donald Trump as a television series, specifically citing the soap operas “Santa Barbara” and “Dallas.” Throwing cold water on what Democrats alleged to be a pressure campaign on Zelensky and his government, the Ukrainian president also said he looks forward to his next conversation with Trump and hopes to visit the White House.

…The interview severely undermines the entire premise of the Trump impeachment effort. Why on earth would Zelensky look forward to further conversations with Trump if the latter was, in Democrats’ words, extorting him in their July 25 phone call?

According to the Democrats and their allies in the media, Zelensky has been lying when he says he felt no pressure from President Trump to launch investigations into the energy company Burisma tied to Joe Biden’s son Hunter. The entire impeachment effort was based on the notion that Trump was dangling military aid to Ukraine until such an investigation was announced. But no investigation was announced, and the aid flowed before its deadline.

…Just over a week after Trump’s acquittal in the Senate, this interview further cements the fact that impeachment was a cynical political ploy, not a serious investigation into an alleged abuse of power in which the person allegedly being bribed didn’t even know any bribery was happening.

The soap opera is over, and it is obvious Zelensky wants no reboot of it. Nobody shot JR. What the Ukrainian president wants and what we should all want is to put this sham impeachment behind us and to move forward with a meaningful and productive relationship with our ally.Federalist