WATCH: Biden Supporters Create Their Own Cringeworthy ‘Tribute’ Song

Written by K. Walker on February 11, 2020

Whoever it is that keeps churning out these sad rehashes of old songs for political purposes desperately needs an intervention. They don’t even pick music that plays well.

Somebody, somewhere, blew the dust off of their mom’s Backstreet Boys CD and discovered this ‘classic song’… and their first instinct was to use it to fire up his volunteers.

If this is what ‘fired up’ looks like, this explains why he’s imploding so badly.

It’s still not as bad as Beto’s admirers trying to reprise YMCA to his nickname.

Now, if you MUST rewrite some dusty old song for a political use, can we at LEAST pick something with some energy?

Just off the top of our heads, this one is the pick of the ClashDaily Newsroom because it is: a) more lively; and b) a bit more appropriate considering Joe’s age.

Can’t you just hear the new lyrics?

“Open the door, crap! he’s on the floor, someone help up that Biden-saur!”

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