Yang Calls Out Dems For Turning Their Backs On The Working Class

Written by Wes Walker on February 24, 2020

The working class no longer thinks that Democrats speak to them. He even makes an interesting ‘scarlet letter’ reference.

The Democrats made a conscious decision in embracing identitarian politics… it was a pivot TO something and FROM something.

In taking the Working Class for granted as automatic Democrat voters, they turned their attention to their next battle… identitarian politics and turning one interest group against another, diffusing rage and discontent across various ethnic, gender, or sexual identity groups with an eye toward turning them into an army of activists.

They chased one while neglecting the other.

And the working class isn’t stupid. They clued in pretty quickly. It’s showing up in an attitude shift on the part of the working class.

Ted Cruz couldn’t help but agree, and offered his own insights in addition to Yang’s comments.

This is probably not the kind of ‘Yang is right’ endorsement he was hoping for.

But he’s not wrong.

Dems made a choice. And good or bad, they’re stuck with it.

In a related question, if the working class hates the Dems so much…

How do you think the working class feels about Trump’s administration and those economic figures, including the fact that the lower economic levels are seeing a bigger jump in growth than the top rungs of the ladder?