Dad Who Lost His Son And Donated His Organs Gets Amazing Gift From Heart Recipient

Written by Wes Walker on March 22, 2020

Fair warning, some of you might need to get a tissue before watching this one. (For someone ELSE who might be watching, of course.)

They call it the ‘gift of life’ for a reason.

It’s a selfless act of using the final curtain of one person’s life to let the ‘show go on’ for one or more strangers ‘out there some where’.

You never know who it is that might receive it. You will never know how taking a few moments to fill out the organ donor consent could leverage hope out of the face of a tragedy; how it could keep the lives of other people or families from falling completely apart.

But there’s another question.

Suppose you find yourself on the receiving end of that amazing gift. Someone else’s tragedy gives you another lease on life.

How could you EVER hope to express your grief and your gratitude?

One heart transplant recipient stumbled upon the perfect way to express it — and give one grieving father something he could never have imagined he’d have again.

The teddy bear with the World’s Best Dad shirt is not the ‘big’ part of this gift.

The ‘big’ part of this gift is the digital recording hidden inside the teddy bear.

It’s a recording of the organ donor’s heartbeat.

Which means… he was given a recording of the heartbeat of his own, departed son.

A little something to remind him that some part of his kid lives on, not only in his memory but alive and well as somebody else’s heartbeat.

Hard to imagine a better gift than that one, isn’t it?