Governors Praise Trump Administration’s Response To Wuhan Coronavirus — Even The Anti-Trump Ones

Written by Wes Walker on March 15, 2020

Looks like Trump’s get-it-done approach is getting him support from unlikely directions — including some of his most bitter rivals.

For all the outrage and hyperbole pouring from so many mouths and pens of the vitriolic never-Trump media (and DC Democrats) the actual legislators dealing with threats at a boots-on-the local level have a very different view of what working with the Trump administration is really like.

For example, two of the very Bluest states in the union, New York and California, have Governors who have never shied away from taking a partisan swing at the 45th President…

Press Conference

…until now.

Now there is a health threat that (much like the brief bipartisan period we saw post-9/11) has lifted the eyes of politicians beyond the petty partisan politics of the daily scuffle to a larger horizon of what’s in the best interest of American citizens regardless of political stripe.

(Anyone paying attention might suggest that this has been Trump’s default position all along, but that’s a discussion for another day.)

Trump and his administration have been working toward managing risk and finding solutions in response to this new threat. And this has not gone unnoticed by the governors of New York and California, who suddenly have good things to say about this President.

Even the New York Times, if you can believe it, has been forced to acknowledge this change. They made sure to underscore any ongoing conflict (because this IS the NewYorkTimes) while grudgingly acknowledging the cooperation between Federal and State entities.

Vice President Mike Pence, fresh from a conference call with nearly all of the nation’s governors, spoke this week about how much those governors appreciated President Trump’s leadership in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

“The president’s leadership has made the difference here,” Mr. Pence said at a White House news conference on Monday. “I heard it again today from 47 governors.”

…Mr. Trump said last week that he had a lot of problems with Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, calling him a “snake.” Yet Mr. Inslee’s office reported a productive relationship with the federal government.

Last week, Mr. Inslee, who has been an outspoken critic of Mr. Trump on issues like immigration and school safety, hosted Mr. Pence, the head of the federal coronavirus task force. The two men greeted each other with a friendly (and virus-conscious) elbow bump. Some 33 federal workers were dispatched to Washington State, state officials said, and a request for supplies from the strategic national stockpile — additional N95 respirators, masks, gowns and gloves — has been fulfilled. Another batch of supplies is on the way.

“The vice president has made himself available to governors on a regular basis, has done regular check-ins and has moved the ball forward on some key asks that we’ve made of the federal government, including expanding who can be tested,” Casey Katims, an adviser to Mr. Inslee, said on Tuesday. — NYT (Note: Paywall)(


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