If Mini Mike’s Mega Millions Couldn’t Buy An Election… What’s That Say About Russia?

Written by Wes Walker on March 5, 2020

Mollie Hemmingway made a really interesting point. One that should give the Russian Collusion peeps a reason to rethink their favorite mantra.

A few hundred thousand bucks in Facebook ads and some Macedonian content farmers didn’t even come CLOSE to the scale of Mini Mike’s futile attempt to buy the nomination.

For all those millions, the best Bloomberg could boast was a win in American Samoa. In that case, how can anyone possibly believe that Russia rigged our elections with the meager effort outlined in the Mueller Report – an effort that promoted both sides?

Mollie Hemmingway pointed out the obvious problem with that theory in a spot on Fox.

Even Brett Baier was surprised by the implication of the insight.