Immigrant Restaurant Owners Face Backlash For Attending A Trump Rally

Written by Wes Walker on March 1, 2020

The fact that they are immigrants was no defense against the Left’s social media hatefest. If anything, it made them angrier.

That’s what happened when an immigrant couple with pro-Trump sympathies had their photos splashed all over activist Leftist social media.

When ‘deplorable’ white Americans from ‘flyover country’ support Trump, the formula is pretty simple. Hillary herself tipped the hand. She puts the whole group in her now-infamous ‘basket of deplorables’.

That’s the standard play, followed by every personal slur they can dream up calling us everything from toothless morons to violent bigots. Occasionally the get caught overplaying their hand (see: Nick Sandmann and the Covington Kids case), but usually, they get away with it.

The other thing they do is try to destroy individuals and their livelihoods by directly attacking, when possible, their source of income.

With Rosie, one tweet had her show canceled — sorry, ‘rebooted’ with her character killed off. The CEO of Firefox lost his job for giving money to the ‘wrong’ side of the same-sex-marriage battle in California. Boycotts are regularly organized against right-of-center businesses, and pressure campaigns are mounted (sometimes even by CNN employees protected by the First Amendment!) to have individuals or groups booted from social media for having a message that isn’t ‘woke’ enough.

That’s just the ‘ordinary white people’ supporting Trump.

But when someone from the groups who Democrats insist are ‘supposed’ to hate him for no reason other than their race, gender or religion fail to sing from the songsheet supplied to them by the Left, that anger burns seven times hotter.

Owners of a restaurant north of Tucson has been facing backlash after attending President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Phoenix earlier this month.

Jorge and Betty Rivas own Sammy’s Mexican Grill, located at 16502 N. Oracle Road near Catalina. Inside the restaurant, customers can easily spot their political party affiliation.

“We have supported the president pretty much from day one,” Jorge said. “Every single rally he has had in Phoenix she goes or I go or sometimes we both go, this time we decided we both wanted to go.”

It’s a decision they said would hurt them in the coming days. Betty’s face was circled and posted to Facebook, calling her out for attending the rally.

“People recognize her being at the rally they circle her face around her picture and say ‘oh this is the lady that owns Sammy’s Mexican grill,’” Jorge said.

Negative comments continued on their Facebook page, even on a video they made in response. Jorge said they’ve even been getting numerous phone calls in response.

“Just yesterday I had a few guys say ‘you guys are — you’re racists, you’re evil, you’re the worst of the worst.’”

The two are being called out for being immigrants themselves. Jorge is from El Salvador and Betty is from Sonora, Mexico.KOLD

Bongino isn’t pulling any punches with his opinion about this story.

Why would he? He, himself, married a lovely Latina lady who came here… LEGALLY.

And frankly, we share his opinion.

So, will these two patriots-by-choice be throwing in the towel any time soon?

That’s a big HELL no!

“We fell that is very important for every person to say ‘this is what I stand for’ and in our case we are Republicans we are behind the president,” Jorge said.

With no plans of getting out of the kitchen, no matter how bad the heat.

“I came to this country for the freedoms and I’m going to stand by it,” Jorge said.KOLD

Isn’t it funny how people who came here from somewhere else have a better understanding about what makes America Great than the would-be revolutionaries elected to Democrat seats who hate everything America stands for?

Thank-you, Mr & Mrs Rivas — it’s patriots like you, with a love for the freedoms our Constitution guarantees that helps make (and KEEP!) America Great!

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