MEME OF THE DAY: Trump Was Kung-Flu Fighting (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 20, 2020

Since China’s already offended ANYWAY… why not go for broke, right?

It’s a whole new look at a familiar old song.

The propagandists in China’s answer to the Politburo HATE stuff like this because it’s funny.

Funny is dangerous to tyrants trying to weave a narrative of lies. Mockery is more effective than boring logical arguments. And when funny is paired with truth — look out.

That’s the kind of scenario that gives petty tyrants night sweats.

Before you cue up the siren cry of ‘that’s racist’… here’s a poll you won’t have come across on the evening news. Supposing the translation is accurate:

And so, we will continue to pour contempt — not on the Chinese people as a whole, but directly upon the contemptible and corrupt system. It’s a system uses fear to control their own citizens… and wealth (either as carrots or sticks) to control Western individuals and corporations with financial entanglements to their corrupt regime.

In the spirit of mocking tyrants… we hope you will enjoy a little ‘Kung Flu fighting’.

If you’d like to sing along… here are the words. (Some of them, anyway.)


Everybody was Kung Flu Fighting
It spread as fast as lightning
In fact, it was a little bit frightening
TRUMP fought with expert timing


It was a funky China Virus, from Funky WUHAN Town
They were chopping bats up
They were chomping them down
It’s an ancient Chinese art
To spread propaganda from the start
The Chinese people took a Sip
And now the whole world has gone sick

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