PRO-ABORTIONISTS: Leftists Move Away From ‘Safe, Legal, And Rare’ To A Positively DEMONIC View Of Abortion

Written by K. Walker on March 6, 2020

Leftists are very far from the mainstream American’s view and they don’t seem to realize it.

The New York Times admitted that the left is losing the battle with their extremist views.

Gallup polling shows the trends in views on abortion between 1995 to 2019. Although more people support abortion now than they did in 1995, the vast majority believe that abortion should either be illegal in all cases (21%) or that there should be some legal limit on abortion (53%).

Leftists have become absolute fanatics when it comes to abortion. The Democratic Party has become the party of abortion. It’s positively ghoulish the way that the right to dismember a baby in the womb has become sacrosanct to the left.

I’m old enough to remember “safe, legal, and rare” as the mantra of the left, but now it’s “on-demand, without apology, and government-funded.”

Pro-Abortionists were out in force this week in front of the Supreme Court demanding that the right of a woman to kill her unborn child not be infringed. But the case that they are protesting about is actually about protecting women.

The case that is being presented is about a Louisiana law that is requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges in a nearby hospital. A similar law in Texas was struck down by the Supreme Court in 2016, but Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson said that not all states have the same standards of care with regard to abortion and it should be presented to the Court.

In the Louisiana case before the court Wednesday, the state defended an admitting privileges statute nearly identical to the Texas law that the court struck down in 2016. Supporters of the law argue that Louisiana passed it to protect patient safety.

“There is a long record in Louisiana as there are in other states of really gross violations of health and safety standards in the abortion industry, we have more than 20 years of documentation,” said Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson on the steps of the court following oral arguments Wednesday.

Source: NPR

So, even if it means that women who want to get abortions are protected by law, any whiff of what the pro-aborts determine as a “clawback” of Roe vs. Wade is protested vehemently.

These protesters literally cheer on abortion. (WARNING: This woman’s communication style is absolutely awful.)

This is Renee Bracey Sherman who touts herself as the “Beyoncé of abortion storytelling.”

This was the same rally that Senator Chuck Schumer(D-NY) threatened two Associate Justices of the Supreme Court. 

Chuck Schumer said that his Brooklyn talk came out because he feels so strongly about the right to snuff out a life in the womb for the convenience of the mother.

In our current political climate, this is an incredibly dangerous thing to do.

We remember how the masses were stoked up when Justice Kavanaugh was going through the confirmation process. The chanting, the shouting, the aggressive behavior. The confirmation of one Originalist pro-life judge to the Supreme Court in a country with a careful balance of powers was tantamount to enacting an authoritarian theocracy and the pink kitty hat, pro-abortionists in their Handmaid Tale costumes went nuts.

And yes, they are Pro-Abortionists now. Anyone who actually celebrates abortion has moved past “pro-choice” to full-on wanting to kill babies.

As we have seen, the New Shiny Progressive™ Democratic Party seems to believe that this is the norm and all pro-life concerns can be relegated to the trash heap along with the dismembered fetuses and the “backward” religious nuts that believe that a “person is a person no matter how small.”

These pro-abortionists are just awful.

Here, some C-list celebrity named Busy Philipps says that she’s grateful that she made the choice to kill her child in the womb when she found herself pregnant at 15 because her life is so much better now. Killing her child allowed her to have a nice house and a nice hybrid car, with a husband that she can leave her other kids with so she can be semi-famous.

This is the face of the Pro-Abortion movement and it’s hideous.

I have no idea what the situation was for Busy Philipp to find herself pregnant at 15, and I cannot imagine having to deal with the prospect of having a child while in 10th grade. That said, it is gruesome for her to celebrate it the way she does.

My favorite part of her uncouth and ugly rant is that she makes special mention of her hybrid car because she wants to make sure that everyone knows that she’s very concerned about the environment. She wasn’t concerned about the child she killed, though.

Trading an unborn child’s life for people to say, “Busy Philipps… who is she again?” was soooo worth it for her.

Her unborn child is dead and cannot be reached for comment.

And, of course, the political leftist Squad members had lots to say about abortion. Rep. Rashida Tlaib(D-MI) went on a bit of an unhinged rant saying that people who want “to control her body” shouldn’t want to have sex with her or any woman. It’s just bizarre.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley(D-MA) pulled out the old trope that Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh are sexual predators.

These two are from the same party that excused Bill Clinton’s predations because he, too, was pro-abortion.

What the left absolutely refuses to acknowledge is that at the heart of abortion is the termination of human life and for the vast majority of reasons that is for the convenience of the mother.

They will never give ground on that because once they admit that the baby is indeed a life, they will lose this argument.

After all, not all women are ghouls like these women.


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