Ronald Reagan’s Son Just Paid President Trump The Most Amazing Compliment

Written by Wes Walker on March 31, 2020

In a world where ‘Orange Man Bad’ is getting dunked on from every direction… an observation like this gives some fresh perspective.

Media hacks hate — HATE! — Trump’s daily Coronovirus pressers.

Talking heads have demanded that it stop being carried on TV because of the President’s alleged ‘lies’. (These are some of the same cast of luminaries who assured us that Trump was Putin’s puppet during the Russian Collusion hoax.)

The real reason they hate it more likely has something to do with public opinion of his handling of this crisis redounding to Trump’s credit.

His public support is on the rise, but the favorable view of how he’s handling the pandemic crisis is up over 60%.

So the Left jumps on him whenever they get the chance, including lines like Chuck Todd’s question to Biden about Trump having blood on his hands — one that Pelosi echoed elsewhere asserting that yes, people SHOULD blame him for American deaths. She fails to assert why that’s HIS responsibility and not the failure of Governors to adequately prepare or restock ventilators and masks. She fails to explain why SHE and de Blasio should get a pass for calling caution ‘xenophobic’ and encouraging people to come visit Chinatown (in her case) or to attend parades and go enjoy New York’s night life (in his case).

With that as a backdrop, what does the son of the President whose nickname was ‘The Great Communicator’ have to say about Trump and his pressers?

It’s one thing for someone on the Trump Train to speak glowingly of the current president… but nothing obligated Reagan to compare Trump so favorably to his highly-respected father. Yet he did so anyway.

And what is Reagan saying about all the haters?

Yeah… that sounds about right.