‘Socialist Utopia’: Do Leftists Ever Bring Up THIS Key Swedish Statistic?

Written by Wes Walker on March 17, 2020

When the American Left pushes for a Socialist utopia, some of their favorite examples include Nordic countries like Sweden. But do we REALLY want to follow their example?

Leaving aside for the moment the Socialist side of the equation (and the fact that Swedes will be the first to tell you they’re NOT socialists) — the ‘utopia’ part of their ‘socialist utopia’ isn’t looking so rosy either.

Unlike America, Canada and many of the central European states, Northern Europe was (until recently) culturally, fairly homogenous. There was a shared language, culture and expectation of how citizens would relate to one another and their government.

In the latter part of the 20th Century — and more especially, since the 2015 ‘refugee’ immigration surge — there has been a significant change in the demographic mix throughout Europe, including Sweden.

Anyone who dared to ask questions on how many people a country like Sweden could sustainably receive without straining its ability to accommodate and successfully incorporate them into the local culture was met with scorn and accusations of bigotry.

Now that the concerns those people were trying to raise have gripped the receiving nations in some serious unintended consequences, the time for debate is long since passed.

Now those in charge are left to clean up the pieces.

And with Sweden leading the entire Western world with 259 bomb attacks in 2019 alone (up 60% from the 162 in 2018) it’s time to admit they have a problem on their hands.

This problem is separate and apart from the no-go zones and the epidemic of rape.

Paulina Neuding discusses what’s been going on in Sweden in an audio interview with First Things.

Here are excerpts from the article she wrote from which the conversation springboarded.

The police bomb squad was already on its way to the first explosion in the district of Vaxholm when it had to turn around and prioritize the detonation at a residential building in the more densely populated city center. Residents whose doors had been deformed by the shock wave had to be rescued. The third target (seemingly unrelated) was a facility belonging to a Syriac Orthodox church, which had already been bombed twice in the past year.

‘Normalization’ is a term that we have come to associate with domestic violence: the victim begins to think of abuse as a part of everyday life. Explosions have become so normalized in Sweden that SVT, Sweden’s equivalent of the BBC, did not even mention the three explosions in the country’s capital on its national news program that evening. Instead, the main domestic story was the purported censorship of ‘big female bodies’ on Instagram. Apparently, we mustn’t be referred to as ‘women’ any more, but ‘female bodies’, lest anyone’s gender be assumed. The explosions were left to the local news.

To understand how Sweden arrived at this degree of normalization, consider the statistics: between January and June this year, more than 100 explosions were reported in the country, up from about 70 in the same period last year. A total of more than 160 suspected attacks with explosives were reported last year. There are no comparable figures available for earlier years because it’s such a recent phenomenon. Until recently no one would have thought of adding a column on bombings to the national Swedish crime statistics.

…A new report from the Swedish Defense University warns that the clan structure of gangs in some immigrant areas is putting the Swedish justice system under ‘severe stress’. In these parallel societies, the Swedish state is weak, witness intimidation is systematic and ordinary citizens are pressured to submit to clan rule.

…It’s tough for everyone to come to terms with the new reality. Gang violence is intimately tied to the issue of immigration and failed integration, so those who highlight the problem have often been smeared as bigots. Only a few years ago Sweden’s leading daily, liberal Dagens Nyheter, came up with the phrase ‘safety deniers’, which it compared to looney climate deniers. The government has invested in a PR campaign for the ‘image of Sweden’ — but every grenade attack makes it trickier. — Spectator

Keep in mind that open borders and an Abolish-ICE, soft-on-crime mentality is currently being promised by not just one, but by BOTH of the President’s would-be Democrat challengers. They say that becoming more like Sweden (meaning, more like Sweden is in their imaginations) is the Future of American society.

Will any American Journalists ask them about the role their own beloved open-borders and soft-on-crime approach has played in elevating social unrest, religious oppression, the bombings of religious institutions as well as the open hostility to (for instance) ethnic or religious Jews?


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