This Classic Definition Of Masculinity Will Not Be Liked By Man-Haters

Written by Doug Giles on March 6, 2020

Throughout history, there has been a masculine expression of caring that is distinct and different from the kind of caring women bring to bear on their sphere of influence.

The masculine role has been to tame a chaotic world, creating a secure place called ‘home’ where order and laws provide shelter from outside threats, whether from nature or hostile groups, so that both family and society had room to thrive.

Men through history were leaders in both the community and the family.

They would be both horrified and embarrassed to see the rudderless, responsibility-averse, belly-scratching, gutless wonders their descendants eventually became.

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Whether he’s using a tweet, a carrot or a big, heavy stick, Trump seems to have great instincts on how to bring the other guy to the table, to drive his political rivals crazy, or to find creative ways to accomplish things that others have said ‘can’t be done’.

He’s also got nerves of steel, walking towards the fight that everyone else runs from.

No wonder the artist, our own Doug Giles, picked the absolute Badass Dirty Harry for his Trump-themed art series, entitled (what else?) Go Ahead, Make My Day.