TITOS Vodka: Onetime WuFlu Meme Now Helping Lead The Charge To Rescue America

Written by Wes Walker on March 25, 2020

Not that long ago, people were making jokes about washing their hands with their Vodka. Now they’re making a real difference — in more ways than one.

As we reported in this story: “While The US And Israel Race To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine, Others Have Tried These Crazy ‘Cures’” people were joking as recently as early March about using vodka for ‘medicinal purposes’ with respect to the viral outbreak.

Titos had to put out a press release to set the record straight.

Why? Well, as we saw with the poisoned-by-aquarium-cleaner story, there are some pretty dumb people out there making day-to-day decisions, and Titos wanted to stay ahead of the problem.

That would have been good corporate citizenship right there. But, contrary to every myth Democrats like to pump out about ‘evil corporations’ Titos went further than that.

A LOT further.

They spread their money around — something they would not have been able to do if Bernie Bros and people like this had their way: WATCH: The Hard Left’s Idea Of ‘Virtue’ Includes Bragging About Theft

Not only did they dump much-needed money into charities doing the hard work of helping people in the midst of this crisis…

But they have used their expertise and equipment in alcohol production to help resolve the hand-sanitizer shortage.

Just don’t drink the hand sanitizer. It was never made for that.

If an aquarium cleaner needs a ‘not to be taken internally’ warning label then we can’t be too careful.

Otherwise, NBC and others just might start blaming us (or find a way to blame Trump) for idiots consuming something made to clean hands. (Here’s that story if you missed it: Anti-Trump News Orgs Report That A Man Died ‘Self-Medicating’ On Chloroquine — Here’s What They’re NOT Telling You…)

Let’s all raise a glass to Titos!

Because not all heroes wear capes.