Trump Tells CNN Reporter ‘This Is Why CNN Is Not Trusted Anymore’ For Completely Misrepresenting His Statement

Written by Wes Walker on March 30, 2020

One reporter tried to skewer the President with a ‘gotcha’ question… was ‘kabob-ed’ himself by the end of Trump’s answer.

The first question is one that even Trump calls a ‘great question’ focused on real issues about his role as President in the unfolding crisis.

He is asked about extending the ‘social distancing’ guidelines for a few weeks longer, and Trump answers that question with the dignified response such a question deserves.

But then the reporter reaches back a few days for a statement Trump said about his dealings with other people. It’s an obvious ‘gotcha’ question whose answer is evident right in the question. But he asks it anyway.

Trump swats it away without any difficulty.

The reporter has real trouble seeing that Trump a different thing than the entire administration being frozen out. And the disrespect he focussed on was the disrespect given to the folks doing the hard work.

As for the original quote in proper context? It’s been circulating for days.

If reporters for CNN were still ‘confused’ on the topic, it’s because they WANTED to be.

That, or it came down from high at those 9am Zucker meetings we’ve heard so much about.