WATCH: Failed Democrat Contender Marianne Williamson Meditates To End Coronavirus

Written by Wes Walker on March 13, 2020

And the direction she takes her ‘prayer’ makes us wonder if she understands that this is a respiratory illness and not … an STD.

Admittedly, there’s a big difference between the 24 second abridged version in the Twitter clip…

And the full-length 15-minute version…

The Twitter version admittedly highlights some of the weirdest stuff absent any context. But either way, her video is still kinda hokey and weird.

Not everything she said is off-base though. She made the point that you can have a healthy respect for science that doesn’t have to conflict with your religious beliefs. That’s a legit point. HER views may be pretty hokey and woo-woo, but in a general sense the point is valid.

She also made a good point about not panicking in the face of this medical scare. We’ve made that point ourselves, in particular, when Doug and Rich from Warriors and Wildmen had a medical doctor on their show: This Doctor’s Take On The Coronavirus Will Blow Your Mind

The rest, though, is just plain spooky.

She opens up a meditation session, and is deliberately non-specific as to whether the participant is from a traditional Western religious belief system or not. Some people find the process of ‘mindfulness’ relaxing or whatever. That may be all well and good as far as it goes, but she takes it further in a weird way.

She goes into a specific list of organs — by no means complete — that pays particular attention to the male and female reproductive systems, and the buttocks… for some reason.

Here is a sampling of the woo-woo:

nothingness from whence it came. We place the coronavirus, that which is active within any body, that which is existing in the world, we place it in divine hands, we pray that it be dissolved, we pray that it go back to the nothingness from whence it came, we pray for divine healing of all those who have contracted the virus, we pray that the immune system of all bodies be bolstered that the virus cannot become active in our systems, as the light of all that is good true and beautiful, the Christ light, the Buddha light, the light that is the light by whatever name so impress itself upon our bodies, upon all bodies upon the body of humanity that every cell of every body becomes so filled with light, the light pouring forth now beyond the skin, infusing the skin and moving beyond the skin, that our bodies are repaired and replaced by light, that

What exactly does she think she’s doing, anyway?

Are you praying to a God that is distinct and other to act on your behalf? Are you trying to tap into your own divinity? Are you just hoping for some magical effect to just happen?

Because those are VERY different activities.

It’s one thing to appeal to a God that is greater than you in both authority and ability to act on your behalf. It’s quite another to try to will yourself better.

She seems confused in just what it is she’s trying to accomplish.

And what did Jesus tell us about the blind leading the blind?