WATCH: Italian Bro Got Creative With His ‘Social Distancing’

Written by K. Walker on March 20, 2020

This guy is taking the recommendation to keep a “safe” distance from people very seriously.

The Wuhan Coronavirus has changed our lives. We’re all adjusting to having the kids home for weeks, many of us working from home, and waiting until our local stores finally restock the toilet paper. And, of course, we’ve all been told to practice “social distancing” — a phrase that we’ve learned the meaning of in just the last week or so.

COVID-19 is affecting people in different places in different ways, but clearly, it’s a bit more serious in Italy where the virus has spread rapidly.

In this video, one man has a real-world solution on how to realistically maintain the proper “social distance” of 6 feet.

Mind blown.

Actually, this does look like something that Kramer from Seinfeld would do.

My favorite part of this is that he’s even got one of those grabbing tools to help him reach stuff.

It does leave me with several questions, though…

  • How heavy is that get-up?
  • How does he get through doors?
  • Where does he store that thing?
  • What happens if someone walks under it?
  • How does he sit down?
  • Can he still reach his wallet?

But hey, if it makes him feel better, keeps him at a safe distance, and we get a laugh out of it, isn’t it all worth it?


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