WATCH: NYPD Brooklyn North Posts Violent Swarming Of 15-Yr Old Girl By ‘School Children’

Written by Wes Walker on March 6, 2020

Not every problem is merely one that ‘education’ will solve.

Some take a might-makes-right approach to their interactions with others.

Some of them come from very aggressive and visceral understandings of ‘justice’ that have literally nothing to do with the laws or cultures of the city they live in.

In this case, a large group of ‘teens’ (read: close enough to adulthood to understand the criminality of their actions and the risk of serious harm to their victim) swarmed a fifteen-year-old girl, threw her to the ground, laid a beating on her, and robbed her.

Allegedly, this was an act of ‘revenge’ for something the victim had previously done to them.

But it’s hard to imagine anything a fifteen-year-old GIRL might have done of scale that would be comparable to a collective curb-stomping she received at the hands of guys old enough to be mistaken for grown men… if, in fact, they aren’t actually 18 already.

A mob of teens were caught on camera ruthlessly beating up a 15-year-old girl on a sidewalk in Brooklyn.

Police released surveillance video of the vicious Crown Heights assault on Friday.

The teen victim was chased to the corner of Utica Ave. and Sterling Place around 4:10 p.m. Thursday before being knocked to the ground, police said. Video then shows a horde of teens descending upon her.

The victim curls up in a fetal position as the mob repeatedly kicks and punches her, the video shows.

Our comment section would usually blow up after a story like this with questions of race.

But let’s try to look beyond that. Because, unless we’re mistaken, the victim is of the same racial group as her attackers.

What, exactly, is going on that a generation of youth has such a low opinion of either the value of anyone outside of their own peer-group AND such a total disregard for both laws and criminal consequences that they think nothing of behaving in such an unruly manner?

What kind of a dog-eat-dog and take-what-you-can mentality drives these groups that they have no concern or thought for the common humanity?

People mock religious folks for holding to outdated rules and morality. But the question remains: are the amoral wolf-pack attitudes toward other people we see among some who have thrown of such ‘superstitions’ really an improvement?