Will Bailout Package Shovel Hundreds Of Millions At Refugees And Immigration?

Written by Wes Walker on March 26, 2020

The bailout package will NOT be ideal. By design, it will be a compromise bill between two groups who have almost NO political common ground. But … seriously?

As Sleepy Joe might say… ‘C’mon, man!’

The country sits on bated breath while Congress tries to figure out what the hell it’s going to do next. Will partisan politics win out over the good of the nation?

We already see the usual political types on the Left staking their claims to the moral high ground and painting the other guys as the oppressor of the people… or whatever the latest variation on that theme might be.

While everything is stalled out, the rest of us are getting hints and peeks into what’s really in there.

Planned Parenthood was stepping up to the trough. But it looks like they’ll have to go away hungry.

There are plenty of items in there that have — literally — NOTHING to do with the economic impact of the Chinese Coronavirus. In fact, it’s something that works AGAINST the interests of American workers.

Three Hundred and Fifty Million dollars for migrant and refugee assistance.

Here’s a photo of the text:

But wait! There’s more!

Yeah. Those folks in Congress really care about the suffering American worker — and their taxpaying children and grandchildren. Don’t they?

Has it occurred to anyone that dumping more labor into a market that has stalled is going to make things HARDER for anyone who’s been negatively affected by the compulsory economic shutdown?



Yeah. That’s what we thought. Meanwhile, AOC and Pelosi are tooting their horns claiming to be the great defenders of the working class.

Don’t you believe it. And more importantly: don’t let them get away with this lie.