WTF? Check Out The INSANE Spending In The House Dems’ $2.5 TRILLION Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Written by K. Walker on March 24, 2020

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has decided to use the funding bill in the most disgusting partisan way.

On Saturday, Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer(D-NY) praised the bipartisan Senate bill to help out Americans dealing with the financial ramifications resulting from the coronavirus spread.

But then, Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-CA) flew in on her broom and added in a bunch of Democrat “must-haves” into the bill. Democrats killed the bill and decided to create their own version in the House of Representatives.

Speaker Pelosi introduced her own House stimulus bill and it’s a doozie. They called it the “Take Responsibility for Families and Workers Act” but for a bill that is supposed to be to help with the effects on jobs during the mandated “social distancing” that is keeping people at home, it has a whole lot of stuff that’s completely unrelated to either workers or families or relief for the average American.

Do you remember when Speaker Pelosi called the tax cut for Americans “crumbs”?

We do.

It’d be nice to have some of those “crumbs” right now…

It seems that when you think of $1000 as “crumbs” you’re very comfortable adding zeroes to the end of funding numbers.

It’s not just money, however. There are regulations in Speaker Pelosi’s Grand Wish List as well.

Oh, you have no idea, Rachel!

Check out some of the spending:

Senator Tom Cotton(R-AK) outlines some of the more ridiculous items in the 1400+ page spending bill.

He has some of the best highlights:

  • diversity on corporate boards
  • postal service debt relief
  • student loan forgiveness, which has already waived student loan payments for those affected by the pandemic
  • same-day voter registration
  • airline carbon-emission offsets — all airlines carbon-neutral in 5 years
  • announcement on each flight the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced
  • supplement to the retirement plans of community newspaper employees
  • $15/hr minimum wage
  • mandating pay for federal employee unions

Sen. Cotton starts the list at around the 5-minute mark, but it’s worth watching the whole clip.

You can check it all yourself right here: House Appropriations COVID-19. 

How the hell is the government supposed to pay for all this crap?

Well, we do know that those on the left aren’t so great with math — if you’re on the left, you can divide $500 million by 327 million Americans and get $1,000,000 each.

Million, billion, trillion — it’s all the same thing because they all end in “-illion” right?

This is not the time to toss in Green New Deal B.S. and other ridiculous identity politics policies into an emergency funding bill.

And as for the leftists that are condemning the “bailouts” on “big business” instead of giving money directly to workers indefinitely, if you don’t help out businesses that were forced to take a hit because of decisions made by the government at the federal, state, or local level, what job, pray tell, will people have to go to when things return to normal?

The answer is that in this case, we need to provide for both the workers and their employers.

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