Biden’s Sexual Assault Accuser, Tara Reade, Is Getting Some Celeb Support–Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on April 27, 2020

There are a handful of the “Believe All Women” crowd that haven’t abandoned their standard now that the accused has a “D” behind his name.

Tara Reade has accused former Vice President Joe Biden of sexual assault when he was a Senator in 1993. Reade’s story has changed over time, has some holes, and, as a Bernie supporter, she clearly has some motive to vilify the Democratic front-runner. That said, there was the one thing that gave her story a hint of credibility–immediately after the incident, she spoke to several people about it, including her mother. Reade’s mother has since died, but an unearthed phone call that she made to Larry King Live in 1993 seems to corroborate Reade’s story.

Some people are finding that evidence to be the smoking gun, especially since CNN hadn’t bothered to dig up the footage from their own archives and hadn’t reported on it until shamed into doing so when rightwing media had covered the video that was posted on Twitter. And now it appears that Google Play has memory-holed the video in question.

This is raising some red flags, and some pretty big-name celebrities are noticing.

Prominent Bernie Bro, John Cusack wants Reade’s story covered in the media and has been saying so since April 1.

Rose McGowan, the woman that was first to name Harvey Weinstein as the man that raped her years ago, has been very vocal in her support of Tara Reade. She’s even clashed with former Charmed co-star and #MeToo cheerleader, Alyssa Milano on her newfound discovery of due process.

And finally, another Bernie supporter, Susan Sarandon tweeted out the article from The Intercept that cited the 1993 Larry King Live phone call by Reade’s mother.

An unverified Twitter account claiming to be Tara Reade thanked the celebs for their support.

Rose McGowan is finding out that sometimes Fox News isn’t the monster that the rest of the Media(D) portrays it to be.

How weird is it that Bernie supporters are looking to right-leaning media sources for the coverage that is lacking in the mainstream Media(D)?

There just might be something to that whole “Partisan Press” stuff that conservatives have been saying for years, eh?

Let’s not forget that Joe Biden himself was one of the “Believe all women” crowd all the way back in October 2018.

Gee, I wonder what changed?

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