Debunking The 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Using Science

Written by Wes Walker on April 4, 2020

There are all kinds of weird ideas popping up in this Coronavirus crisis… not all of them are coming from Chinese Propaganda or NeverTrump media hacks.

Let’s all pay a visit to tinfoil hat country where some folks have entirely too much time on their hands.

The latest crazed theory is that 5G towers are triggering the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus.

Here are a few examples of the tech panic:

Yes, they walk among us.

Now, we shouldn’t HAVE to explain this, but here we are.

A virus is biological in nature… comprised of many of the same components you will find in living cells, where it invades a living cell, makes millions of copies of itself, and sends those copies out into the host, and later the wide, wide world.

5G uses something like radio waves, just at a different wavelength. “In fact, according to a seven-year-long scientific study published just this month, 5G has no detrimental health effects in general.”

Here’s how the rumor started:

The COVID-19 coronavirus is widely reported to have originated at a market in the city of Wuhan in China, likely around December of last year. China also happened to have turned on some of its first 5G networks around November of last year, so somehow, people, especially those who fear new technology and/or do not understand it, thought that there must have been some kind of causal relationship between the introduction of 5G and the inception of the new virus. — Source: USAToday

Yeah, some people are suspicious of any technology. It’s hardly a new trend. The original ‘Luddites’ burned down cotton mills to derail the Industrial Revolution before it got off the ground.

In the latest scientific study, from the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection … they concluded that health-related concerns for 5G overall are not a threat.

As luck would have it, the physics of millimeter wave signals inherently limits the distance they can travel before they dissipate into “nothingness” …

That’s why, for example, the coverage maps for millimeter wave-based 5G service, that carriers like Verizon have, are so limited. Instead of a single cell tower providing miles and miles of signal coverage as you can with sub-6 GHz signals, mmWave requires small cell towers roughly every block and, oh yeah, those signals can’t pass through walls into buildings.

The bottom line is, short of swallowing or embedding a 5G mmWave transmitter into your body and letting it run for a long time, you’re safe. — USAToday

That actually IS a ‘conspiracy theory’ linked to Wuhan.

Asking questions about China covering up vital information, or WHO carrying water for China, suggesting that a medical treatment might be promising, or digging into claims that there were no bats sold at the Wuhan wet market, nor resident within hundreds of miles from that market — aside from two labs studying diseases — is NOT a conspiracy.

Maybe the media could figure out the difference. If they can ever get over their ‘Orange Man Bad’ issues.