Democracy Forward Supporting Obama Era Lawsuit To Hurt President Trump

Written by Steve Sherman on April 28, 2020

A left-wing advocacy group, Democracy Forward, is supporting an old Obama era lawsuit against a big tech company as a means to hurt the Trump Administration. The group is loaded with the elites of the Democratic Party. They are suing the Trump Administration on a number of fronts, but one lawsuit could be dispatched by President Trump today if his Department of Labor wanted to end it.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), in the Department of Labor, is supposed to promote affirmative action with federal contractors. Obama lawyers hijacked that agency and used it to push the idea that they could sue government contracting companies by using only statistical analysis to prove discrimination in hiring and promotions. No court in America would allow a suit with no evidence other than statistics, yet liberals embedded in the Department of Labor have been allowed by the Trump Administration to continue this fight today.

In the last weeks of the Obama Administration, the OFCCP sued Palantir for discrimination against Asians, Google for sex discrimination, and Oracle using statistical data to prove their case. The Department of Labor agency is supposed to help these companies implement affirmative action policies, but these last-minute progressive suits attempted to use only statistical data to extort settlements. If allowed to stand, they would set a dangerous precedent that would allow manipulated data sets of statistics to be used as conclusive evidence of discrimination. Trial lawyers are salivating at the prospect of hiring a data specialist to come up with data to support suing every company in existence. This would enrich liberal trial lawyers while draining money away from the productive sector of the economy.

If you need any more evidence that these suits were concocted by left-wing lawyers, look no further than the partisan legal group Democracy Forward. The group is loaded with liberal activists including the following: the Executive Director, Anne Harkavy, who served in the Obama Administration in the Department of Energy from 2013-6; Public Affairs Director, Adam Jentleson, was Deputy Chief of Staff for Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV); Board of Directors Members Marc Elias (General Counsel for Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign and Kerry 2004), Ron Klain (former Chief of Staff for Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Al Gore), Mindy Meyers (Former COS for Sen. Elizabeth Warren and ED of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee), Matthew Miller (Former Press Secretary in the Obama Department of Justice), and John Podesta (former Counselor to President Obama and COS for President Bill Clinton). These left wingers are pushing the Trump Administration to oversee a self-inflicted wound because the Trump Administration’s Solicitor General at the Department, Kate O’Scannlain, has yet to abandon these Obama era lawsuits.

The group was founded for the purposes of suing the Trump Administration and to bully them into continuing Obama era policies. The group brags, “since we founded Democracy Forward more than two years ago, we’ve been laser-focused on holding this administration accountable, exposing corruption, and fighting back on behalf of the people it has hurt.” In 2019, the group was proud that they had sued the Trump Administration over 100 times. The Washington Free Beacon reported on November 3, 2017, “Democracy Forward's executive team features individuals who previously worked on Obama and Clinton campaigns despite billing itself as a ‘nonpartisan’ group.” If they support a lawsuit, you can expect they want to use the suit for purely partisan purposes and to create a talking point for liberal politicians. The Obama Administration’s OFCCP lawsuits that are currently being allowed to continue by the Trump Administration run contrary to the rule of law and will hurt an already hurting economy. These suits lack any authority under federal law to pursue and are nothing more than progressive legal activism. In addition, they will hurt an economy struggling to overcome the damage inflicted by the coronavirus.

The time is now for the Trump Administration to finally abandon these Obama era lawsuits
coming from the Department of Labor.

Steve Sherman
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