E145: Jesus Parables Were Ominous Stories Of Doom For Some – Especially This One

Written by Doug Giles on April 2, 2020

How many times have you read this one and missed what Jesus was REALLY saying?

Modern Christians can get so good at reading the verbum dei through a ‘Santa-Christ’ filter that we can gloss over what Jesus is really saying, and see what we want him to say instead.

But when we do that, we’ve lost the plot completely. Considering the deep and harrowing themes ‘Sweet Jesus’ digs into when cracking heads in his 1st-Century storytime, losing THIS plot is a dangerous game indeed.

It could mean all the difference between life and the (second) death.

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Are you up for this?

Then you’re going to want to sit down, strap in and hold on because this will be NOTHING like Sister Gertrude’s sweet little Sunday School lessons.

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