Easter Sunday Was Canceled, But Fauci Says Hookup Apps Are A-OK

Written by Wes Walker on April 17, 2020

Sitting six feet away from other families in Church is a public health threat, but bumping uglies with a stranger is just fine?

That seems just a little bit jacked up, dontcha think?

The weird thing is that — suddenly — we’re hearing our own arguments about managed risk being invoked.

Where was that logic of reasonable risk a few weeks ago when businesses were being forced into bankruptcy, people were getting arrested in paddleboards, or when five squad cars showed up to churches with 10 attendees?

Fauci took questions from the public on Snapchat’s ‘Good Luck America’ program.

One of the questions he got was a doozy.

During the interview, host Peter Hamby asked the 79-year-old: “If you’re swiping on a dating app like Tinder or Bumble or Grindr and you match with someone and you’re like: ‘Maybe it’s fine if this one stranger comes over.’ What do you say to that person?”

In response to the question, Dr Fauci said that dating during the pandemic is a “relative risk”- but that everyone has their “own tolerance for risks”.

“You know, that’s tough. Because it’s what’s called relative risk. If you really feel that you don’t want to have any part of this virus, will you maintain six feet away, wear a mask, do all the things that we talk about in the guidelines?” Dr Fauci said, adding: “You know, everybody has their own tolerance for risks. And it depends on the level of the interaction that you want to have.

“If you’re looking for friends, sit in a room and put a mask on and, you know, chat a bit. If you want to go a bit more intimate, then that’s your choice regarding a risk.” — Independent

Lemme get this straight…

A Grinder and Tinder date — apps known for casual, anonymous sex, which have been associated with surges in STDs — is a ‘relative risk’.

But going to church (even a drive-through service!), buying a packet of seeds in a store, sitting alone on a park bench or ordering a steak in a restaurant — those decisions are FAR oo risky a choice for free citizens to make.