‘Flat Curver’ Dems In Congress Want YOU To Stay Home — Here Is How They Use Masks At A Shared Podium

Written by K. Walker on April 24, 2020

Clearly, these people are idiots.

Democrats must’ve missed the memo that masks don’t protect the individual wearing the mask, they’re there to protect other people. Maybe Speaker Pelosi was too busy selecting her favorite artisanal chocolate ice cream from her high-end freezer to notice the incessant drumbeat about proper mask use.

These are the same people lecturing you to wear a mask when you are in public and want to keep the country on lockdown indefinitely.

Caleb Hull, who is a conservative blue-check on Twitter, took note that the Democrats wore their masks but removed them when they went up to the shared podium to speak in front of the shared microphone.

Surely even these lunkheads could comprehend that saliva carries the virus and is spread by talking and could be resting on the surfaces while they go up to the mic spit flyin’ as they passionately blame President Trump and Republicans for the virus that originated in China.

It’s all image and no substance with these people. They’re wearing their masks in their seats as they are “socially distanced” but not when they go up to a shared podium.

Don’t you feel better knowing that these are the people that are making the decisions for the entire country?

Your tax dollars pay these mental midgets, and what’s even worse is that they’re the ones deciding where the rest of your tax dollars go.

Let’s be real, they want these lockdowns to keep going all the way to November because the only way that they can hit Trump is with a stalled economy.

They decided to pick Bumbling Biden as their nominee. They know he has no chance. He’s leading in polls right now because he’s got the rest of the Democrats and the Media(D) running interference for him and he’s literally hiding in his basement. Once he starts talking, he’s going to fall in the polls.

Democrats in Congress are also determined to make any issue with the pandemic response stick to Trump–every death, early openings, continuing lockdowns–even if they are contradictory policies.

Meanwhile, they can’t even use masks properly.

Well done, Democrats. Well done.

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