FLYNN: 6800 More Reasons To Believe He Was Set Up

Written by Wes Walker on April 29, 2020

General Flynn is back in the news.

THOUSANDS of pieces of new evidence turned up in the Michael Flynn case; 6800 to be precise.

Flynn’s former attorneys just dug up 6800 documents they had failed to submit to his new team in support of Flynn’s defense case. Whoops. Seems like a big deal, doesn’t it?

The judge certainly thought so.

General Flynn keeps getting screwed over at every turn, doesn’t he? Even his own lawyers seem to have been hurting him more than helping him.

The ruling by Judge Emmet Sullivan was made public Tuesday afternoon after Robert Kelner and Stephen Anthony, Flynn’s former lawyers at the powerhouse firm Covington & Burling, claimed there were 6,800 records they had only just now unearthed and turned over to Flynn’s current defense team, which has been led by former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell since July 2019.

“It is FURTHER ORDERED that Covington & Burling LLP shall re-execute a search of every document and communication pertaining to the firm’s representation of Mr. Flynn,” stated Sullivan’s ruling, which appeared on the public docket. “It is FURTHER ORDERED that Covington & Burling LLP is FORTHWITH DIRECTED to produce to Mr. Flynn’s successor counsel all documents or communications concerning the firm’s representation of Mr. Flynn that were not previously transferred in the rolling productions. It is FURTHER ORDERED that Covington & Burling LLP shall file a notice of compliance with this Order by no later than 12:00 PM on May 4, 2020.”

Around the same time Tuesday afternoon, a seven-page filing from the Covington attorneys was unsealed, showing that Kelner and Anthony had just transferred thousands of documents that they had been sitting on for almost a year to Powell and Flynn’s new team. Earlier in April, Covington admitted it failed to transfer a number of emails and two handwritten notes over to Powell, but Tuesday showed that this was just the tip of the iceberg. — Washington Examiner

Flynn claims to have been pressured (bullied?) into accepting a guilty plea that had no correspondence to the actual facts, because his legal defense had thrown him into bankruptcy. It has been alleged that threats were made to drag his kids through the courts if he didn’t accept the guilty plea.

He maintains he is absolutely innocent of the crime. And the evidence sure does seem to be backing him up.

Powell, who took over last year in the spinoff case from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, said that new information provided by the Justice Department on Friday that was related to her client’s prior representation of more than two years showed that Flynn would be exonerated.

“The government produced to Mr. Flynn stunning Brady evidence that proves Mr. Flynn’s allegations of having been deliberately set up and framed by corrupt agents at the top of the FBI,” said Powell’s Friday filing on the public docket. “The government has deliberately suppressed this evidence from the inception of this prosecution — knowing there was no crime by Mr. Flynn.”

U.S. Attorney Timothy Shea enclosed a letter directly to Powell on Friday providing Flynn’s legal team with an update on the work being carried out by U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Jeffrey Jensen, who was selected by Attorney General William Barr in January 2020 to conduct a review of the Flynn case. — Washington Examiner

But wait, there’s more!

Flynn’s defense lawyers also said Friday that they “found further evidence of misconduct” by former Mueller prosecutor Brandon Van Grack, claiming that he made “baseless threats” to indict Flynn. Flynn’s lawyers also claimed Van Grack put together a “side deal” not to prosecute Flynn’s son “as a material term of the plea agreement” but required that the deal be kept secret “expressly to avoid the requirement” of Giglio v. United States, a Supreme Court case about the responsibilities of prosecutors when putting together plea deals.

“Since August 2016 at the latest, partisan FBI and DOJ leaders conspired to destroy Mr. Flynn,” Powell said, adding that “the government’s misconduct in this case is beyond shocking and reprehensible. It mandates dismissal.”

Former FBI Director James Comey admitted that he took advantage of the chaos in the early days of President Trump’s administration when he sent agent Peter Strzok and another FBI agent to talk to Flynn. Flynn agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s Russia investigation, admitting and then reaffirming his guilt in 2017 and 2018. The defense team that negotiated the plea deal was fired and, since taking over last summer, Powell has argued that “there never would’ve been a plea to begin with” if Flynn knew how much information the Justice Department was hiding from him.

It’s about time we bring this charade to a conclusion. This case should either be dropped by the prosecution or dismissed — with prejudice — by the judge. It shouldn’t even take a Presidential pardon to set this right.

The next question is an interesting one: should Trump rehire Flynn once he is exonerated? (If you think he should, what position should he be given?)