Hey Patriots: Crenshaw Took A Surgeon’s Scalpel To Bill Maher And Pelosi’s Talking Points (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on April 20, 2020

What some folks do with firey bombast and bravado, Crenshaw did with the straightforward matter-of-fact presentation of facts.

He used his calm voice and demeanor to completely disarm Bill Maher’s usual mow-them-down-and-keep-going tactics. Dan never gave him the chance to play that game.

As some of the social media observers described the encounter, Maher got ‘Rekt’.

They’re right. He put on a clinic of how to go into a hostile media site, completely undress the guy laying in ambush for you, and walk away looking like a nice guy and a class act in the process.

Never once did he have to give up the high ground. Better still, he took the Pelosi talking points that Bill Maher was delivering on her behalf and blast them to atoms one after the other.

Here’s the context. Here’s what you’re leaving out. Here’s what Trump did two days after getting that information.

Again and again, he parried the attacks. Negating them, he countered with a strike of his own.

He wasn’t done taking a razor to the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus talking points, either.

He put out a video breaking down the timeline with such precision that, at the time of this writing, it is the President’s ‘pinned tweet’.

Well done, Dan Crenshaw!