IT’S SCIENCE: 4 Ways Married Men Are Better Off Than Bachelors (PragerU Video)

Written by Wes Walker on April 6, 2020

If you believed the Hollywood version, married life is a trap that ladies use to suck out all the joy of being young and free. But are they telling the truth?

I mean, if Hollywood says it, it MUST be true, right? When have they EVER steered us wrong on ANYTHING before?

But seriously, most of us know a couple of guys who’ve been seriously burned in a relationship or divorce, gotten cynical and tell every young buck they meet NEVER to be dumb enough to put that ring on her finger. Is he right?

In his instance, it didn’t work out. But does that mean we should throw out the whole institution of marriage? Or is marriage still a GoodThing™?

This PragerU video makes the case that it’s not just a ‘good thing’, but that it actually IMPROVES the lives of men that get married, and live into the responsibilities implicit in married life.

It even spells out for specific ways that married life makes a guy’s life better.

It’s almost like a couple of thousand years of Biblical wisdom really does have something helpful to say about life after all, eh?

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