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NAVARRO: China Tried To Corner The World Market In Personal Protective Equipment Including Masks (VIDEO)

The National Defense Production Act policy coordinator, Peter Navarro, says that it’s pretty clear that China was trying to hoard medical supplies and even profit from the global pandemic.

Navarro appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday to discuss the Trump administration’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Steve Doocy asked about a report in the New York Post on Sunday that said that the Trump administration was considering suing the Chinese government for hoarding personal protective equipment (PPE) and the allegation by American companies that China prevented them from exporting the products that were manufactured there.

Navarro responded that he wasn’t a part of any discussion about the possibility of suing the Chinese government, but he did say some very interesting things.

NAVARRO: Sure, Steve. A couple of things. First of all, I’ve been part of no discussion that’s talked about suing China on this. The separate issue though is a serious matter. We know that China knew about the virus as early as mid-December, we know that for a period of about five to six weeks, they hid the dangers from the rest of the world, even as Chinese citizens were flying around, seeding the world with the virus. But what it looks like from the data, Steve–and this is a serious matter–it looks like during that interval, China was basically attempting to corner the market in personal protective equipment, including masks. So they were buying large quantities of masks, gloves, respirators, goggles, from the rest of the world at a time when the world was still sleeping with respect to the dangers of the virus.

The Chinese customs data shows one statistic that every American should sit up and really stare at–2.2 billion masks, China bought between January 24 and the end of February. Americans are getting infected because they don’t have masks, Italians are dying because they don’t have the masks, healthcare professionals are going down. If those statistics are telling a story about China basically going out and trying to corner the world market in PPE, when they knew the dangers and didn’t tell the rest of the world, I think that’s a significant discussion that we need to have, at least after this is over, because that’s a serious matter.


China Lied, People Died.

Every single death is the fault of the Chinese government. From the get-go, they bungled the response, pushed propaganda, and tried to shift the blame.

First, they allowed a virus to spread around the world, they lied about it, silenced whistleblowers, pushed propaganda and then they tried to profit from it.

That is beyond disgusting.

K. Walker

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