Remember ‘Civil Liberties’? Tucker And Judge Napolitano Put This Pandemic Response In Perspective

Written by Wes Walker on April 14, 2020

Public panic left a window of opportunity for flagrant abuses of civil liberties. And many authoritarians took their shot.

This clip opens, appropriately, by referencing a cartoon about Washington turning to Madison as he’s signing the Constitution, saying ‘let me get this straight, none of this counts if people get sick, right?’

There’s a REASON cartoonists are making jokes like that one. Because they’re approaching just a little bit too close to reality.

Could any of us, in the second week of January when we were being browbeaten about WWIII with Iran, in our wildest dreams have imagined what has happened since?

That the government would tell people not to go to work, or walk outside, or attend church … and that Americans — AMERICANS! — would dutifully obey?

We ALL would have called BS.

And yet here we are.

Tucker and the Judge take a look at what’s happened to our civil rights since Corona blew into town.

Governor Wittmer gets called out by name, but he didn’t stop with just her.

The judge called out the entire process of skipping right past legislators itself and politicians seizing powers that were never theirs to begin with.

As for the legislators, even THEY have to realize that — whether they like it or not — some things are entirely beyond their reach.

And no amount of ‘but it’s for the public good’ will change that.

For anyone watching how quickly and easily the rights we DO have were eroded… this is NOT a point to be overlooked.