Trump’s Favorite Meme-Maker Takes Aim At Sleepy Joe With A Nursing Home Parody Commercial

Written by Wes Walker on April 16, 2020

Has anyone ELSE noticed how ‘just like that’, the Left suddenly stopped talking about that 25th amendment?

Just like they stopped wearing those pussy hats, and stopped reciting that infamous Billy Bush quote.

All of those lines of attack happen to put their guy in an awkward light (especially since Tara Reade has gone to the police) … so they’ve deep-sixed them, as though they’ve never happened.

But that doesn’t mean WE have to stop asking questions he’d find uncomfortable.

The man hardly knows where he is half the time. He even just discussed the ‘millions of citizens on a pathway to citizenship’. It’s either incompetence or a Freudian slip. Not a great look at a time when millions of American jobs are walking a razor’s edge, depending on how this virus scare resolves.

Dems want him in the White House. Seriously?

The man belongs in a rest home, snacking on applesauce, talking about the old days when he, Corn Pop and his buddy Barack used to hang out behind the gym and beat up lying dog-faced pony soldiers.

Or whatever the hell it is he would be rambling about.

At this point, truly it wauld be an act of kindness, Mercy, even, to let Biden bow out gracefully. But the Democrats don’t dare let that happen. They’ve gone all-in on Biden. The only other option is Bernie. And even THEY know that ultimately means one of two things.

1) It could mean a disastrous McGovern-level loss for the Democrats, setting their power grabs back decades.

2) Worse yet (from their perspective) if Bernie wins, ther’s a changing of the guard. The young upstarts will move in and shoulder aside the powerbrokers and all the would-be kingmakers who act as the middle-men in the byzantine echanges of wealth and political influence.

So for now, love him or hate him, the Democrats are stuck with Sleepy Joe.

Their only real play is to shield him from scrutiny and hope for the best.

And our best play is to put him in the spotlight every chance we get… and underscore the difference between their guy and ours.

After all, it’s not been so long that we’ve all forgotten that this is the guy who was subservient to the Lead From Behind guy, has it?