WATCH: Florida Pastor Arrested For Defying Government Gave The PERFECT Response

Written by Wes Walker on April 5, 2020

The Floridian pastor arrested because he dared to treat Religious Freedom and the worship of God as at least as ‘essential’ as a Big Mac has a message for Authoritarians.

The piece of the story that most reporting (ours included) was NOT aware of is that the day their pastor was arrested for holding a Church service, they were actively honoring the medical recommendations of health experts.

They told anyone especially vulnerable (or ill) to remain at home. They were mindful of social distancing expectations. Congregants were even given hand sanitizer as they entered the building.

But none of that was enough.

Their pastor was arrested because worshipping Jesus was somehow thought to be LESS essential than picking up Doritos, Mountain Dew or a pack of smokes at your local 7-11.

He used his social media to mention another government that has made particular demands on the Church.

For more context, here’s the original story…

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