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WTF? Multiple States Are Using CHINESE DRONES To Help Enforce Social Distancing Rules

They’re just the world’s largest and most invasive surveillance state. What could *possibly* go wrong?

As local entities make aggressive policy decisions based on the panic of some very dire worst-case scenarios, there was a question of how to get free citizens to comply.

Right on cue, along comes China with a ‘gift’ of drones.

These drones come with a loudspeaker and a camera, allowing enforcement agencies greater ability to enforce the lockdown and single out violators.

Here’s a news clip showing the drones in question.

Have these agencies never read Homer’s Iliad, or heard about the Trojan Horse? Trojan Horses are about much more than just computer viruses.

They’re a hidden way for a hostile entity to slip into your midst and behind your defenses.

Why should we distrust this ‘gracious gift’ that China has offered?

Here’s what an article from 2017 had to say about Chinese Drones generally, and that company specifically.

D.J.I., the popular drone maker, stands as a symbol of China’s growing technology prowess. Its propeller-powered machines dominate global markets and buzz regularly over beaches, cityscapes at sunset and increasingly, power plants and government installations.

Now D.J.I. is fighting a claim by one United States government office that its commercial drones and software may be sending sensitive information about American infrastructure back to China, in the latest clash over the power of data in the growing technological rivalry between the two countries. It also shows how consumer technology companies have become increasingly central to debates about national security.

…American intelligence and political circles are beginning to consider how companies and governments manage the data they collect. Given that major Chinese companies must maintain close ties to the government, new China tech players like D.J.I. have raised particular concerns.

This summer, the United States Army issued guidance calling for forces to stop using D.J.I. drones because of unspecified security vulnerabilities. — NYTimes


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