3.7 Million Views: Four Bros With Guns Stand Guard For Strangers During Riot

Published on May 28, 2020

It’s moments like this that stir the hope that the adventurer’s spirit that made American great in the first place can still be rekindled.

While a city was going to hell in a handcart during the riots touched off during the ‘Justice For Flynn’ protests, when the police had their own hands full watching the police station burning to ash, four bros were making their little corner of the world a little better.

They stepped in and stepped up for some stranger, to help him keep his personal American Dream from literally going ‘up in smoke’.

The grabbed their guns and stood guard to keep the looters at bay.

Here’s the conversation:

Journalist: So, tell me who you are.

Bros: Well, I mean… free Americans. Yeah.

Journalist: And what are you doing today?

Bros: Ah, we were out here yesterday, too, down on the original protest site. So basically, you seen the records that cops keep. The cops are a lot less likely to try and tread on people’s rights when there’s other armed Americans with them.

So I figure it’s about damn time some that some, or at least I figure that it’s about damn time some heavily armed rednecks stood with fellow citizens.

Journalist: And why are you protecting this store?

Bros: Well, I mean, this wasn’t exactly a specified [unclear] We just kinda ended up over here. We’ve been moving around and just trying to see what’s what without getting necessarily completely slapped by massive groups of people. And while we were walking, somebody mentioned that there were some guys at the tobacco shop [unclear] and they [unclear] were going to buy something. They said that they’re closed and they’re defending their businesses.

[Looks up across the street.]

Bros: Oh yeah, Target’s on fire, by the way. And anyways, we heard that, we’d better kit up and go see if these guys need help. And turns out, these guys around here with machetes and shattered windows trying to keep looters out of their business because cops can’t get in here. And so, you know, I figure, before there were cops, there were just Americans. So here we are.

Or, [indistinct] during the LA riots. [laughs] The LA riots — just collateral damage I guess.

Everyone protecting their own stuff. That’s where y’all got the term ‘rooftop Koreans’.

So, bottom line, ‘Justice For Floyd’, and I hope they stop looting at some point. If there were more of us we could go stop them from looting. But it’s just us four.

We definitely don’t agree with the looting, but we do agree with the cause of the protest.