5 Yr. Old Utah Boy Steals His Parents’ Car And Heads To Cali To Buy A Lambo But Is Stopped By Highway Patrol (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 6, 2020

That Highway Patrol officer is never going to forget this stop!

Imagine the shock when the Trooper learned that the driver he suspected to be impaired was actually just a kindergartner.

The 5-year old boy said that he took his parents’ car and hopped onto I-15.

He made it about three miles from home, but his swerving on the highway drew the attention of Utah Highway Patrol and was pulled over.

The boy said that he had argued with his mom when she refused to buy him a Lamborghini, so he decided to head to California and get one himself. He might not have had enough cash on hand, though–he had $3 in his wallet.

The boy drove about three miles. His trip began at 17th Street and Lincoln Avenue. He then went southbound on I-15 before he was pulled over near the 25th Street offramp around 1:00 on Monday afternoon.

The story went viral once the Utah Highway Patrol posted the story and a photo to their Twitter page, with many people saying the boy looked big for his age. UHP Sgt. Nick Street confirmed the boy is indeed five years old but the angle at which the photo was taken may have made him look bigger than he is.

Source: KSL News Radio

Utah Highway Patrol released the dashcam footage of the incident and it’s quite something.

You can hear the Trooper talking to the boy, asking his age, where he learned how to drive a car, where he was going, and why he was heading there.


Kudos to that Utah Highway Patrol officer who managed to stay calm after what must’ve been the biggest shock of his life. He didn’t scare that boy who was likely terrified after being pulled over on the highway by a police officer. He handled the situation well.

As for any consequences, Utah Highway Patrol is interviewing the boy and his family, but it’s unclear if anyone will face charges.