Bongino Fishslaps House Democrats For Passing New $3 Trillion Relief Bill ‘There’s No Damn Money’

Written by K. Walker on May 16, 2020

Dan Bongino blasts the Democratic demagogues in the House of Representatives for another massive spending bill while huge swaths of the country are on lockdown.

On Friday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-CA)’s Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act passed in the House of Representatives. It’s a massive $3 trillion bill that hasn’t been through a single Congressional committee and was crafted by a handful of Democrats on the Hill. The HEROES Act had a whole lot of spending, and not all of it was related to the pandemic. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R-KY) described it as an “1,800-page seasonal catalog of leftwing oddities.”

While House Democrats drafted the bill solo without the Senate Republicans or the White House, Pelosi said it’s not uncommon for one branch to take the lead to get the talks moving.

“This is not new that one side of the aisle might … put something on the table — as they did in the two previous bills — and now we’re putting ours [forward] and invite negotiation,” Pelosi said.

Republicans and Senate leadership have been cool to a fifth round of coronavirus relief legislation arguing it’s time to pause after nearly $3 trillion has already borrowed for pay for the aid to small businesses, laid-off workers and Americans stuck at home.

Source: Fox News

Here’s a quick sample of what is in Pelosi’s HEROES Act:

  • stimulus checks to illegal aliens
  • an extensive vote-by-mail plan that doesn’t require ID
  • deferred action on illegal immigrants working in the U.S. which would essentially grant them amnesty and allow their employers to be off the hook for hiring them illegally
  • reinstate the SALT deduction which benefits the rich in blue states allowing them to write off state and local taxes when filing their tax returns
  • allowing cannabis businesses to use banking services
  • $875 billion in funding for state and local governments
  • $25 billion for the U.S. postal service

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino has had it with this kind of crap. He was on Hannity and blasted the Democrats for this outrageous spending bill.

BONGINO: America, listen to me, and please, listen good. I know that people that watch Fox have common sense unlike the other network. There’s no money. There is no damn money. There’s no money. Our entire economy…understand this, everybody–horse blinders–look at me right now, I can see myself in the return, okay? Our entire economy produces about $22 trillion, $24 trillion in wealth in any given year. We owe all of that and about $70 trillion more in entitlements, and just took out another $3 trillion we don’t have. You understand that this isn’t real money, right? This is fake, monopoly money. If you believe that money is an actual exchange of value–you work, you produce value, you get money–this is not money. This is fake money. Remember what Friedman always warned, “Bad money always chases out good money.”

And Sean, one last thing on these lockdowns–Dave’s right and you’re right, too. Listen, I’m not gonna attribute anybody bad motives–I can’t get in their heads–but if this isn’t based on politics, what is it based on? Is it based on science? Because I thought that you said it was about the data, yet Georgia opened up and is seeing 12 percent fewer cases. So, let me get this straight, we’re bankrupting people, destroying the food supply, preventing people from going to the doctor to get cancer treatments all in the name of public health when you have almost no evidence to back it up? Have you ever heard of externalities or side-effects? Because apparently, the Democrats haven’t.


Bongino is absolutely right.

Democrats don’t seem to comprehend that this money that they’re so free with actually comes from taxpayers. If we aren’t working, and big businesses are shut down, how do they pay their “fair share”? We’ll have to take out loans that our children and grandchildren will have to pay for. Sure, some foreign entities like China own U.S. debt, but so does the Social Security Trust Fund. 

We’re playing a dangerous game of only thinking of the now and not what the results of our actions will be in the future.

The longer we have lockdowns, the harder it will be for businesses to reopen–if they reopen at all.

It’s time to have some faith in the American people to do the right thing and not sell away our future and that of our kids and grandkids for a quick political win.

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