CLASH POLL: President Trump Just Called Houses Of Worship ‘Essential Services’–Do You Agree?

Written by K. Walker on May 22, 2020

It looks like President Trump has had it with states trampling on the religious rights of Americans during the pandemic.

As I’ve said many, many times recently, it’s so very interesting that to leftists, the “separation of church and state” only ever goes one way. They have no problem having the state interfere and dictate how a worship service is to be conducted.

ClashDaily’s Big Dawg, Doug Giles, has weighed in on how COVID has affected churches several times.

Here are a few in case you somehow missed them:

President Trump decided to go over the governors’ heads and reaffirm the rights guaranteed in the Constitution at the federal level. In his statement, President Trump said that places of worship need to open up “right now–for this weekend” and he’d override governors if they don’t allow it.

The President has deemed all houses of worship as “essential services” and told governors that if they have a problem to “call him” but warned that they aren’t going to get anywhere with their complaint.

He added, “Right now we need more prayer in America, not less.”

As the lockdowns have gone on with little sign of a “return to normal”, we’ve seen priorities placed on big, box stores, liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, and even abortion providers. That same priority isn’t being considered for places of worship. We’ve even seen some state and local governments actually target churches and synagogues despite following CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of the virus that are used in other public places like grocery stores and other businesses that were deemed essential.

Churches have recently been pushing back against these orders as they have watched and waited while the lockdowns continue to drag on and they are still being restricted from opening.

Many on the left have vilified people of faith for wanting to resume public worship services calling them “grandma killers” who “just want people to die.” It’s been absolutely awful.

There are so many churches out there not just doing “spiritual” work, but meeting needs in their communities–they run food banks, mental health services, take care of the homeless, shut-ins, prisoners, at-risk youth, and on and on. These are all essential services often being done by faithful volunteers who have a heart for their neighbors and their communities that is rooted in their faith.

Surely if Planned Parenthood and weed shops can be open a church can take the precautions and open their doors, too.


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